Hello, I am Eleni Papadopoulos and I am a Psychosynthesis practitioner. I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis psychology. It is an integrative and holistic psychology that was developed by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian Psychiatrist who included our spiritual Self as a real phenomenon or element of our psyche.

I believe that counselling and talking therapy can change our challenging life experiences. And I endeavour to work with my clients in a way that is very specific to them. I have a lot of experience in many areas and work with all areas of distress. I find it paramount to include the whole of the person. This means also the Spiritual dimension of life as well as our Body, Emotions and Mind. This inclusive approach provides a lot of information that we can explore and work with.

As I work with clients I encourage and empower clients to determine the direction of the work. In essence we work with what is trying to emerge. This may require deeper work for which I provide a safe holding space.

I see my work with clients as a creative unfolding that can be very difficult for the client, yet provide relief at the same time. This paradox can be hard to grasp but experiencing it in the course of therapy is both a deeply personal and spiritual experience.

I feel honoured to guide and witness my clients’ healing journeys. It is very courageous to seek guidance and I wish the reader well on their path of Self improvement.

My Qualifications & Training