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My approach to Counselling and Therapy:
At all times I am mindful of your individual experience for which I provide bespoke treatment that includes transpersonal and spiritual aspects of life. I studied Integrative Psychotherapy which means I can draw from many modalities to help you manage in the best ways possible.

Further training:
I have a strong connection with Embodied Work and I did a year long course (2016), in Somatic Awareness, consisting of eight training weekends, which was facilitated by two licensed Somatic Experiencing practitioners who are also Psychosynthesis therapists. Somatic Experiencing was developed by trauma therapist Peter A. Levine. I have a Counselling and Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychology.

Psychosynthesis is a psychology that was developed by Italian Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli throughout the 20th century. He therefore included all of the developments in other psychologies. The foundation of his theory was of a spiritual nature. This set him apart from Freud – who was his contemporary – in the very early days of psychoanalysis, in which Psychosynthesis is rooted nevertheless.

The spiritual aspect of Psychosynthesis is that the spiritual Self is recognised as an ontological phenomenon. In therapy the Self is reflected in the struggles of the personality. Deep within we know what it is that we need. But the distractions of life can obstruct us to make the most of life and take care of these fundamental needs. 

I take great care to provide a sacred, safe and confidential space for your transformative journey. I also receive supervision from a BACP accredited therapist as required and to assure my practice is in line with ethical guidelines.

I focus on nurturing a creative, active and interactive life journey which can prove tougher than we imagined. We may end up frustrated with what we do or don’t do and find we do not feel fulfilled with how we spend our precious time. I believe we are all unique beings and as we may lose track of who we actually are the respite of therapy can shine a light on things and provide different perspectives.

Furthermore there is a hidden gift in our life’s struggles that has the potential to empower our future endeavours as we rediscover ourselves. At your initial consultation we will discuss your current issues and establish the focus of our work together should we decide to do so. 

Fees are from £70 and sessions are 50 minutes and weekly.

I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.

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