Issues I can help with


Loss is a greater part of life than we would like to consciously admit. Things end all the time, but when a life of a close one ends we may experience processes we could not have predicted. Each of us has their own processes which may become too difficult to discus with others around us. Counselling and therapy will provide a safe space to be with one’s own process or processes. This will be beneficial to you as well as people around you. With greater awareness around your immediate grief process you can mourn your loss more consciously in the times ahead whilst adjusting to life.


Life can present us with very challenging experiences and each individual has a story that applies to them alone. This does not mean that we need to deal with them alone. And therapy can be a redemptive and empowering experience when trauma is navigated in a way that is appropriate for the individual.

Anxiety & Depression

When breathing becomes difficult, or a pressure is felt greater than usual we may find ourselves panicking while knowing there’s no real need to panic. These can be frightening moments, and when no one around us understands what is happening the situation can be unbearable. A counsellor or therapist can help you unpick what is happening for you. This will give you information and bespoke skills to look after yourself in these moments. When these moments become longer periods and your life as you knew it has changed it is essential that you find your way to help. It is advisable that you approach several therapists in order to find a suitable person to work with.


Our first relationship is with our mothers. Then father and our immediate family. We start to make friends, perhaps with neighbours’ kids, nursery children, school friends, clubs, college, work, etcetera. All these people and our experiences with them influence the way we make and build relationships henceforth. With different people we have different dynamics. Therapy can help you explore these dynamics and take charge of your end of the bargain when it comes to challenging relationships. Asserting your needs does not need to lead to conflict and greater consciousness around one’s own dynamic leads to healthier approaches to both existing and new relationships.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free 15 minute introduction video call. I encourage you to contact several therapists to get an idea of the different services and styles available. It is important that you find someone you are comfortable with to do this work. Your healing journey can begin today.
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