Eleni helped me gain insight into my feelings and how I can observe my feelings in my body. I learned to recognise my feelings such as stress and anxiety, and how I can manage them.

I found it remarkable how quickly she was able to guide our conversations so that I could view myself more objectively and be more aware of how I am and how I express myself to others. Therefore I’ve become a better listener and communicator.

In the short space of ten sessions I learned a tremendous amount about how to be more aware of my thoughts and what my psychological processes are.

In conclusion, I can recommend working with Eleni to address and unpick your issues so that you can become a better version of yourself!

LvdH, Circulair Construction Projects Manager

I spent only a limited time working with Eleni because of other commitments which would have clashed. However this in no way diminished the value of the time we worked together. In fact I think it led to a concentrated period of work which was extremely helpful to me and productive. 

I consulted with her in the first instance for relationship counselling which is one of her key specialisations. From our first session I was impressed firstly with her obvious integrity and commitment but more importantly, in her honesty in sharing with me her varied and unusual background in New Zealand and Holland. She was not shy in disclosing where she was in her professional training and I found her perspectives both challenging and worthwhile. She did not avoid any of the questions I had.

I am sure that she will in the long term be an excellent professional ( if not already) and would have absolutely no problem recommending her to anyone I came across who needed help. I found her warm and engaging and was sure from our first meeting that this would be successful in whatever way the time limit to our therapy would take us. I had previously worked with another counsellor and Eleni was quite clear we could build on the previous work and not have to start from scratch so to speak.

Eleni engenders trust which is essential in any therapeutic situation and she was always clear and concise in her explanations and interpretations. I never felt diminished or inferior in the relationship, important for me, and indeed I found her insights and therapeutic approach extremely easy to understand. I loved the use of colours and crayons and visual aids as a short-cut to understanding particularly helpful, and have to this day taken with me some sheets of paper we produced to which I still refer.

Nothing more to add;  absolutely a 5 star rating from me!

PK, Documentary Producer & Director